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Giant banana split a success

Ammanford’s Co-Operative: Donated all the bananas for the Split. All bananas sold by The Co-Operative are 100% Fairtrade.

MORE THAN 200 people enjoyed Ammanford’s Annual Giant Fairtrade Banana Split on Friday (Mar 11).

Community volunteers of all ages rallied round to help the local Fairtrade Town Group build, and eat, the one hundred feet long feast, which ran the whole length of the College Street Arcade.

As in the previous seven years of the town’s traditional Fairtrade Fortnight main event, Ammanford’s Co-Operative store donated the Fairtrade bananas, Frank’s donated the ice cream, and LBS donated the guttering to hold the Split.

The fun spilled over into the Piazza area at the top of the arcade, with circus skills and balloon modelling street entertainers, funded by the Welsh government, through the Ammanford on Track Partnership.

The fun came with a serious message : Fairtrade Group member Phil Broadhurst said: “Awareness of Fairtrade in Ammanford is higher now than ever before, but we still need to keep pushing the message of Fairtrade, both through big community events like the Banana Split and through ongoing campaigning and education work.

“Every purchase of a Fairtrade product helps improve the lives of producers and growers around the world. Fairtrade helps the people who provide us with food be able to afford the basics that we all take for granted; enough food to eat, clean water, education and health care. We still need many more people in communities like ours to make a conscious choice to buy more products with the Fairtrade mark.”