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Drug dealer attempts to evade arrest by tossing cocaine over garden wall

A DRUG dealer in Barry, identified as Laurence Hill, resorted to a desperate measure in his bid to avoid capture by the police. During a search operation conducted on January 19 by South Wales Police officers at Hill’s residence on Barry Road, the situation took an unexpected turn. In an attempt to outsmart the authorities, Hill hurled a package containing cocaine over the back wall of his garden, hoping to dispose of the incriminating evidence.

Undeterred by Hill’s actions, the determined officers persevered in their pursuit of justice. However, due to the darkness enveloping the area at that time of year, locating the discarded drugs amidst the wasteland proved to be a challenge. Recognizing the need for better visibility, the officers decided to postpone the search until the following day.

Describing the incident, a police spokesperson revealed, “When officers conducted a warrant at Hill’s address in January, he threw his pack of cocaine over the back wall onto wasteland that was covered in thick brambles and thorns. As it was already dark, it made conditions difficult to locate the discarded item. Officers returned the following day on January 20 and found the plastic container of cocaine after a determined search among brambles.”

Eventually, the dedicated search efforts paid off, as the officers successfully uncovered a plastic container housing the illicit substance. The discovery bolstered their case against Hill, further solidifying his culpability.

In light of the evidence presented, Hill, aged 34, faced charges related to possession with intent to supply cocaine. Having pleaded guilty, he appeared before Cardiff Crown Court on June 13 for sentencing. The court delivered its judgment, sentencing Hill to 32 months in prison. In addition to the drug offense, Hill was also penalized for driving while disqualified.

This incident serves as a testament to the relentless dedication of law enforcement officers in safeguarding communities and combating drug-related crimes.