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New Deal essential to future success

‘Great learning depends on great teaching’: Prof. Graham Donaldson
‘Great learning depends on great teaching’: Prof. Graham Donaldson

HEAD TEACHERS, teachers and education representatives gathered in Cardiff on Thursday, February 4, to find out more about the support practitioners will receive from the Welsh Government ahead of the introduction of Wales’ new curriculum.

Education Minister, Huw Lewis, and author of the ‘Successful Futures’ report, Professor Graham Donaldson, will engage delegates on the Welsh Government’s New Deal for the Education Workforce, both in terms of the work already underway, and in terms of what more needs to be done to support practitioners ahead of the new curriculum’s introduction.

Speaking before the event, Education Minister, Huw Lewis said: “I have been clear from the off that I want the New Deal to be developed in partnership with teaching practitioners, and events like this are key to that collaborative approach.

“At its essence the New Deal is designed to provide practitioners with an entitlement to high quality learning in return for their commitment to career long professional learning and growth

“Of course this doesn’t happen overnight. It is a gradual process that needs to grow and develop over time and in response to the needs and priorities of practitioners, particularly as we move towards our new Curriculum.

“We are already making good progress with our New Deal. We have rolled our new Professional Learning Passport to help teachers plan their career progression, we have introduced a legal entitlement for Continuing Professional Development to be embedded into School Development Plans and we have recently announced our New Deal Pioneer schools that will play a vital part in ensuring the teaching profession is supported and developed to deliver a new curriculum for Wales.

“I recognise that there is more to do and I want to call on the teaching profession to engage positively in this process, to contribute their ideas and to help us find the solutions that will support the development and ongoing improvement of the education system in Wales.”

Professor Graham Donaldson said: “Great learning depends on great teaching. Achieving our ambitions for the children and young people of Wales will only be possible if our education practitioners have both the confidence and capacity to make that happen.

“The ultimate impact of the New Deal will therefore be essential to our future success.” The Minister has said he wants Wales’ new curriculum to be available to schools by 2018, and to be taught formally by 2021.