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Labour candidate criticises Plaid

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Missed opportunity?: Higgins disappointed in Plaid stance.
Missed opportunity?: Higgins
disappointed in Plaid stance.

A LABOUR candidate in Carmarthenshire has expressed his ‘disappointment’ that the Plaid leader will not commit her support to a Labour government. As the polls stand, with the Labour and Conservative parties running neck and neck, there is likely to be no overall majority in the House of Commons by any one party, and a jostling for alliances may well ensue in order that a working government can be formed. There is already much talk of a Labour/SNP coalition, however Labour leader Ed Milliband has already ruled this out.

Welsh Labour’s Carmarthen East and Dinefwr candidate, Calum Higgins, said of Leanne Wood’s refusal to confirm support for a minority Labour government: “We heard on Sunday that Plaid Cymru MPs could be ordered to vote with the Tories to bring down a minority Labour Government. This would result in a second election in the same year. I’m disappointed that Leanne Wood did not take this opportunity to back a Labour government and to put an end to speculation. One thing I’m sure of is that voters in the Amman Valley do not want another Tory Government.”

A Plaid spokesperson responded, by saying: “Plaid Cymru has always been clear that we will use our influence in the likely event of a hung parliament to get the best deal for Wales and end the Tory cuts, and we have said that we will support any progressive forces to deliver that. If the Labour party refuses to work with us then it is up to it to explain to the people of Wales why it is letting the Tories off the hook and handing them the keys to Number 10.”