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New 20mph speed limit is being introduced in large area of Llanelli

A NEW 20mph speed limit is being introduced in a large area of Llanelli as part of a Welsh Government rollout to reduce the national default speed limit.

Llanelli North, which covers Dafen, some parts of Felinfoel and the Llanerch area, has been chosen as one of eight communities in Wales to trial a reduced national speed limit from 30mph to 20mph in residential areas and busy pedestrian streets.

Evidence shows that lower speeds result in fewer collisions and reduces the severity of injuries, and in particular, where 20mph limits are introduced, there is a reduction in the number of casualties.

Lower speed limits also encourage people to be more active within the neighbourhood, leading to healthier lifestyles, creating a better environment and quality of life.

New 20mph signs are being put up throughout the area to inform drivers of the reduced speed limit from August 20.

Executive Board Member for the Environment Cllr Hazel Evans said: “Slower speeds benefits the community in a number of ways, not only does it reduce the number of collisions and casualties on our roads, but it has a positive impact on our overall wellbeing and the local environment.

“It makes our roads safer encouraging alternative, greener forms of transport like walking and cycling, and with fewer vehicles on the road, it will have a positive impact on the environment.

“Streets will be quieter, our neighbourhoods will be more pleasant, with people more likely to stop and chat and use local shops and facilities, all together creating stronger and happier communities to live in.”

Residents and businesses in the Llanelli North area will receive a newsletter providing more information. Banners and posters will also be going up throughout the community and the council’s road safety team will be working closely with schools in the area to promote walking and cycling. They will also continue to offer cycle and pedestrian skills training to primary school pupils.

Further initiatives and events are being planned over the next few months as part of the campaign.

If Welsh Government goes ahead with the proposal to reduce the default speed limit to 20mph, Wales will become the first region in the UK to bring in the change.

It is being rolled out in eight communities across Wales to gather data and develop a best practice approach before the proposed full rollout in 2023. The other areas are St Dogmaels in Pembrokeshire, Abergavenny, Central North Cardiff, Severnside in Monmouthshire, Buckley in Flintshire, Cilfrew in Neath Port Talbot, and St Brides Major in the Vale of Glamorgan.

Welsh Government Minister for Climate Change, Julie James said: “Slower speed limits save lives, the evidence is clear. By making 20mph the default speed limit on busy pedestrian streets and in residential areas across Wales we can make our streets a safer and more welcoming place for cyclists and pedestrians, and help create a positive impact on our environment.

“Llanelli is the latest of eight communities that will be trialling the new reduced speed limit ahead of a full rollout in 2023.”

Welsh Government has launched a consultation for people to have their say on the proposal, to submit your views visit the consultations section on the Welsh Government website before October 1.

For further information on Llanelli North visit the council website carmarthenshire.gov.wales/roadsafety and follow @carmarthenshireroadsafety on Instagram and Facebook and @carmsroadsafety on Twitter for updates. Use #LlanelliNorth20s to show your support.