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Welsh cartoonist comes out for Plaid

JonathonedwardscartoonWELL known Welsh cartoonist, Mal Humphreys – best known as ‘Mumph’ – has today endorsed the re-election of Plaid Cymru’s Jonathan Edwards as the MP for Carmarthen East and Dinefwr.

Mumph has drawn over 3,000 cartoons for the Western Mail alone, has also produced work for Daily Post and currently for the South Wales Echo. Mumph also draws the winner’s comedy portraits for the ITV Politician of the Year Awards.

Mumph become a full-time cartoonist in 1991 and became a regular contributor to the Independent, The Times and the Western Mail. He later became a political animator for BBC One and BBC Wales.

He has recently designed and developed the children’s road safety character ‘Carys Ofalus’ and produced a live weekly teenage programme for S4C.

In true Mumph style, his endorsement of Jonathan Edwards comes with a caricature of the Plaid Cymru candidate highlighting Jonathan Edwards’ mantra that he is the Carmarthenshire’s voice in Westminster, drawing particular reference Plaid Cymru being the only party that is fighting to end Westminster’s austerity.

Endorsing Jonathan Edwards, Mal Humphreys said: “Jonathan Edwards has proved time and time again that he is a strong voice for Wales and his constituents. His continued presence at Westminster is essential in the face of billions of pounds worth of cuts promised by the three main Westminster parties.”

Welcoming the endorsement, Jonathan Edwards told The Herald: “Politicians of all colours will tell you how they worry about Mumph’s portrayal of them, or worse still that Mumph will ignore them. In this instance, though, I’m delighted to receive such a high profile endorsement from one of Wales’s best known artists.

“I’m grateful that Mumph has kindly gifted me a drawing which, I believe, sums up exactly what I stand for in this election. I pride myself on being a voice for Carmarthenshire and Wales in Westminster – never the other way around.

“Mumph makes an extremely important point which appears to be resonating with voters on the doorstep – only Plaid Cymru is contesting this election on a promise to end damaging Westminster cuts which are hurting our communities.”