Raiders-new-logoAS WE STATED last week, myself, Jon Ellis and Andrew Thorne were all invited to Hull to be a part of their first home fixture of the 2016 Super League season.

It was great to see how it was all run on a match day and at no point of the day were we disappointed. From having a long discussion with John Prescott to seeing the clubs facilities we all took a lot away from our first trip of many to Hull KR.

Once we had returned to West Wales our main priority was to prepare for our friendly against our new feeder side Swansea University Rugby League. We decided it would be a good time to take a look at both sets of squads in a game scenario. With the weather on Monday not being the greatest we thought it was going to be difficult to keep the game on, but with the great facilities at Trimsaran RFC this was not an issue.

Even though the game was set up as a training match we still decided to bring in top official James Jones to make sure the boys were taking all aspects of the game correctly. With both sets of squads getting a good run out with 4 twenty-minute parts of the game it all ended with a score of 13 tries to 1 as kicks at goals were not used. After the game both sets of staff had a long discussion and we shall now be doing a lot more with Swansea to help them with matters both off and on the pitch.

As the week progressed so did the workload as preparations continued for our first origin game of the season. Origins has been set up for children aged 13-16, West Wales take on East Wales at under 14s,15s and 16s in a 3 match series, one home game, one away game and a final neutral one.

This year the first game will be at Ystrad Mynach on Sunday 28th February. This year will also be a first where Under 16s from the East and West will take on each other for the title, this is also connected to Wales Under 16s as all players wishing to be selected to represent their country this season will have to be involved in their origin side.

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Andrew Thorne and myself will be involved in the first part of the Wales Under 16s selection process this Sunday at Stebonheath, we shall be holding a registration day where everyone who wishes to be involved this year can come and express their interest, if anyone reading this would like any more information regarding the origin series or registration day please contact myself on 07772949956.