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‘Beginning of the end’ for council services

Carmarthenshire Council new logoIT HAS been voted by Carmarthenshire County Council to raise tax by 4.85% this year, with rises of 5% following in the next two years. The Welsh Government, who have had their funding from Westminster cut, have cut funding to local authorities as a result. Carmarthenshire County Council have therefore been asked to find savings of £44m in three years.

Unison have said that many jobs are at risk and they are discussing the importance of mobilising members. Members of Unison have promised to fight against the county council’s cuts, which will add up to £44 million. As well as rallying new members, Mark Evans, the branch secretary, has said that Unison have overturned plans to cut youth services.

According to Cllr Jeff Edwards, the public of Carmarthenshire have been fully consulted. The executive board member for executives said that the cuts needed to be made and they have been accepted by the public. He predicts that the theme of unprecedented cash reductions in local councils is here to stay.

A fundamental shift is required in order to ensure financial stability, in Edwards’ opinion.

He commented: “Local government finances are facing extremely challenging times and the period of continual growth in the budget has long come to an end. This being reduced by a period of continued reduced funding, contacting services, reduced staffing and refocused service delivery options, which adds to pressure on the local economy.”

Evans, however, feels that the county council’s introduction of the cuts will be the ‘beginning of the end for council services as we know them’.