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Coal miner’s cannabis crusade

Eric Mann: Cannabis campaigner
Eric Mann: Cannabis campaigner
Eric Mann: Cannabis campaigner

A PEMBROKESHIRE pensioner is on a campaign to have the class B controlled drug cannabis legalised, a campaign, he says, has cost his 50 year marriage. 72 year old, Eric Mann, a former coal miner from Pembroke Dock, appeared this month in Swansea Crown Court after admitting to growing and supplying cannabis and was subsequently given a 12 month suspended sentence after pleading guilty. The judge, Paul Thomas, responded to his claims that the drug was for medical use telling him to ‘find legal pain relief’. However, Mr Mann was unrepentant and stated that he believed the drug should be regulated for medical use. This was not the first time the pensioner had fallen foul of the law having collected a string of convictions over the years including a 9 month suspended sentence in 1997 and a prison sentence in 1999.

He spoke about the effect the campaign has had on his everyday life and, in particular, his marriage: “I have lost my marriage because of it. My missus got fed up and left. That was three years ago. I have been married 50 years this year and now I am going through a divorce. I have got to sell my house and move out. That’s life and it’s not easy. But there you go. My wife, Bridget, had put up with the long campaign for nearly three decades but finally decided she had had enough. The house kept getting raided and being searched. People were talking all the time and she did not like it.” He went on to describe a prison sentence he served back in 1999, saying: “I quite enjoyed it actually.

I went to an open prison with my own room and a key. I helped a young boy to read and enjoyed the company of people. I came out and just got on with my life. They left me alone for about nine years after that.” He went on to talk about his sister’s death from cancer, and his own fight with pain, after having been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis: “That made me determined to fight for its (cannabis) use as a medicine. I’m not screaming about social use. I just want it to be made available as a medicine. She, June, (my sister) was drugged up and lying there in pain and was like that for a year until she died.

It just made me determined to get people to understand cannabis is a medicine. I would have given June the cannabis oil if I could have. It would have stopped her being in pain. It could have given her a better quality of life. That’s what it does for me. I contemplated getting rid of myself because I was in so much pain. It was hard to stand that pain. I was taking medication but it was getting worse.

Then someone said, ‘Have you tried cannabis?’ It did not take the pain away but it was more acceptable and it meant I could get a night of sleep, which I could not do before,” On the people to whom he has supplied the illegal drug, and how he uses it, he said: “They have always benefited. It makes me angry to think people are suffering because of this stupid law. Whatever I do I am going to keep secret. Official information about cannabis is all lies. The problem is that judges and people like that believe it. It worked better than legal medicine for me.

I’ve not taken pharmaceutical medicines since ’92. All I take is my cannabis oil. I don’t have flu jabs or anything. I was not selling it, I was just giving it to people, anyway. I use oil and I mix it with honey. I take a little bit in the morning and some in the afternoon and some at night. I just have it on the end of a tea spoon. I don’t take a lot. I don’t walk around zonked-out all day.

I’m not too bad, I keep OK, but there is going to be a time when I have to go to hospital or a home. And I don’t intend to do either of those. I’ll die before I go in there. I don’t trust doctors because I’ve had lots of problems with them. I’ve lost my faith in the medical profession”. On whether or not this latest conviction would change his approach to the drug he told The Herald: “I’m not frightened of policemen or judges. Britain is not a fair society because it has unjust laws.

However, If I was in the US I would have been sentenced to life in prison. I’m grateful for the place I live in.” Earlier this month experts, however, expressed concern that the use of cannabis was leaving young adults with ‘lungs of 80-year-olds’, and that the drug was not as benign as some would have people believe. The findings came from a Bangor University study that found some hospital patients in Gwynedd had accelerated forms of emphysema in as early an age group as the 30’s, and they went on to state that they believed lungs became damaged at a faster rate when cannabis is mixed with tobacco.

Dr Damian Mckeon, a consultant in respiratory medicine at Ysbyty Gwynedd and honorary senior lecturer at Banger University, said: “We are seeing young people on the wards with lungs of 80 year olds after less than a decade of smoking cannabis and tobacco. Our study was in a rural region of north Wales but we believe these cases may represent the tip of the iceberg.” In October of 2014 Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg, had called for a change in direction on cannabis laws asking for a focus on treatment rather than punishment, although the Government has remained steadfast in its drugs policy, that it said, would not change

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  • I’m pro medicinal cannabis usage I’m pro social usage but lets get real here Eric. Cannabis is of no help for cancer sufferers and while I’m sure it would have made your arthritis feel a bit better-there are better things on the NHS for that.

    We all know that you like getting off your head. This is what it’s all really about. You like sitting there in a little weed induced haze while letting other people do things for you. You also seem to have some sort of personality disorder in that you can’t let things go. You sacrificed your marriage just because you wanted to prove some sort of ‘point’ for your own selfish ends. You’ve cost the taxpayer tens of thousands and continue to do so. It’s arrogant and tedious. To us all a favour mate and get back in your box

  • @Leila,Your remarks are offensive and they arise out of ignorance.

    Here are 44 peer-reviewed, published medical studies that demonstrate cannabis safely and effectively treats a wide range of cancers.http://www.southerncannabis.org/medical-marijuana/44-medical-studies-cannabis-treats-cancer/

    Similar evidence is available on arthritis and other chronic pain coditions.May I suggest you check your facts before you pass judgement on something you clearly know very little about?

  • while a small bunch of elite, prejudiced, deceitful and hypocritical politicians dictate their will on the many, there will be absolutely no movement on Cannabis decriminalisation, never mind a genuine, scientific based approach to drug reform. It will take a major paradigm shift in the political Punch and Judy style system that we have at the moment. But as we all know if there\’s untapped money to be made and enough courage from politicians to listen and act it\’s still a possibility, even though a remote one.

  • love the fact people comment when they clearly are in good health and if not then clearly medication from their doctors work for them. until you have cancer or have to live with pain that bad no medication will touch, you cant sleep, and cry in pain,and that to end your life because you think that\’s the only way to be pain free and you find relief in cannabis then let me tell you, you would take it. so until you have experienced the pain or have looked after someone going through or watched someone going through terrible illness or death i think you should just shut up leila, and find something else in the paper maybe you no something about to comment on. TA