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Drink driver gave false identity

false identityA MAN from Kilgetty appeared in Haverfordwest Magistrates Court on Tuesday to face three motoring charges.

Thomas Edmond Evans, aged 36, of The Grove, Begelly, pleaded guilty to driving whilst disqualified, without insurance and giving a false identity.

Prosecutor, Ellie Morgan said: “At 8.55pm on December 22, Police Officers Butler and Blockwell were carrying out speed checks. They stopped a Ford Transit van for a minor motoring offence. When asked for details, Evans gave the name of Michael Davies. He could not produce ID, therefore Officer Blockwell used a fingerprint device, which showed he was in fact Thomas Edmond Evans. He had previously been disqualified for 40 months.

“When asked in interview why he had given details of Michael Davies, he said ‘I didn’t want to get into trouble’. He is disqualified until July and knew he wasn’t insured. His response was ‘Okay, sorry lads. I’m only driving because my partner’s had a drink’.”

Defence solicitor, Michael Kelleher said: “Evans and his partner had been delivering Christmas presents to family members, and at the last stop his partner had a couple of Christmas drinks. He realises how serious it is to drink while driving, so he drove instead. He regarded it to be the lesser of two evils”.

Magistrates awarded Evans six penalty points, fined a total of £245 and he was given a community order.

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