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Woman hid drugs in bra

hid drugsA MILFORD Haven woman was fined £230 for possession of the class B drug Amphetamine by Haverfordwest Magistrates on Wednesday.

Sarah Roberts, of Edwards Street, appeared in court on December 20, but the case was adjourned to allow for the probation officer to prepare a full report.

Prosecutor, Leslie Harburn, said: “On November 21, a police officer on patrol heard a voice shouting “help” and on entering they found that it was a domestic argument. White powder was also found on the table.

“A strip search was conducted at the police station. When Roberts began to remove her bra, she turned away facing the wall. When she turned back, her hands were over her breasts. A package could be seen sticking out between her hand and her breast, which was found to contain 28.2 grams of amphetamine.

“On November 29 police received a call from someone in Barclays Bank. A letter had arrived through the post, which contained Roberts’ partner’s bank card and drugs. Police attended the defendant’s house where a wrap was again found on the table.

“A second strip search was conducted and another wrap was found in Roberts’ bra, which contained 26.7 grams of amphetamine.

Solicitor Jonathon Webb added: “If we go down a road forcing her to have help she does not want, she could end up in custody”.

Along with the £230 fine, Magistrates gave her a 12-month supervision order and ordered the destruction of the drugs.