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Flooding causes problems in Tenby

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Kiln Park: Floods have affected the holiday resort (Pic Mike Hillen)

FLOODING caused problems for motorists and residents in Tenby as the River Ritec burst it’s banks and submerged the surrounding marshland, with the holiday site Kiln Park worst hit.

A flood warning was issued by Natural Resources Wales for the Ritec on Monday (Jan 11), with flooding expected at Kiln Park and the main road in and out of Tenby from the south west of the county; the B4318, at Clicketts Lane and Gumfreston Road. It was also warned that Trefloyne Lane may incur flooding from 9.30pm onwards.

The serious warning, which warranted ‘immediate’ action was shared over 178 times after Pembrokeshire County Council had posted the message on Facebook, as residents sought to spread the word to those who may be affected. Water levels were predicted to remain high for several days due to restriction of the tidal outfall, which would result in water levels rising over the period of each high tide. The level of the River Ritec reached an expected peak value of between 1.9 and 1.95 metres at the Kiln Park gauge by 10:00pm Monday evening.

Flooding to the B4318 at Gumfreston worsened during the evening and lasted well into Tuesday morning. The flooding affected up to 40 static caravans at Kiln Park with the usual site for tents completely under water. Speaking on Wednesday (13 Jan) a spokesperson for Kiln Park said: “The water level has dropped ever so slightly due to us having a dry night last night and today has also been dry. We are now keeping our fingers crossed for more dry weather for the next few days. “The water levels are still below the caravans so we have no damage done to any caravans but the whole site remains very wet.”

The B4318 was in one of the worst conditions it has been seen in recent times, with a local resident commenting: “Someone had posted online in the morning that the road was ‘passable with care’. I don’t know what they were driving but my car certainly would not have got through it. “I saw a large Mitsubishi truck drive through just before me, and the water was comfortably over the tyres. It would’ve been up past the start of my door had I gone through. “They really should put markers on the side of the road so motorists can see how high the water is further ahead. As it was I turned round and went the long way to work.”

Despite the imminent danger to their property, some residents saw the funny side of the Council’s warning, after they had referred to Trefloyne Lane as ‘The Floyne lane’. One such resident was led to remark: “Dear Pembs County Council, can you tell me where ‘The Floyne’ lane is please? I’ve lived on Trefloyne lane now for about 41 years and I’ve never heard of it? Thanks for listening”

No major damage was caused to any property, though people are urged to remain diligent and look out for warnings during bad weather. They can do this by going to the Natural Resources Wales website at: www.naturalresources.wales