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‘If we are in, we are open’

public accessIT IS a priority for the Dyfed-Powys Police Chief Constable and the Police and Crime Commissioner to ensure that the public know how, where and when they can contact their local police, and both are committed to promoting and improving our accessibility to communities.

The public can access the police in their local community and there are several ways of contacting the police, in person at local meetings/briefings or by visiting a station, or by dialling 101 and asking to speak to the local neighbourhood team.

You can also find your nearest police station on the force smartphone app. Each station and mobile station is plotted on a map of the force area.

Residents can keep up to date with what is going on locally online by putting in their post code or choosing their local area. You can find out who is in your local team, what residents have asked them to tackle in each community as well as the work they have undertaken to deal with each issue.

You can also download newsletters with the latest statistics for crimes and incidents in the community.

All this information is available on the Dyfed Powys smartphone app that is available for iPhones and androids from the app store and google play search for Dyfed Powys Police.

Chief Constable Simon Prince said, “It is really important to us that people can access their local officers, in particular in our more rural communities. What makes this part of Wales so beautiful, also brings the biggest challenges the geography.

“We have listened to the public, and we have reviewed our police stations and mobile police stations, and whilst we want officers to be out and about in communities, we also recognise that people will want to visit them in our stations. This is why we have taken a new approach to our opening hours. If we are in the station, and we are free to meet people then we will. People have told me that they know when they can call into the station as the police car is outside and they can see officers there. Now we will make sure that if this is the case, then the door is open.

“We know that people will dial 999 if they need our help in an emergency, but our role is wider than that. It is about helping people to feel safe as well as be safe. Knowing how to contact us when it isn’t so urgent is all part of this.

“We have the 101 phone number where you can reach your local neighbourhood team as well as regular local meetings with the neighbourhood teams in communities. We are also improving the way people can keep up to date with local work being undertaken, initiatives to prevent crime and statistics about crime in their areas through our website, community newsletters and via our free smartphone app.”

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Inspector Craig Templeton said: “We are here to help people feel safe and to deal with issues and concerns that matter in communities. We want people to be able to contact us in a way that is suitable and convenient for them. We know that this means different things for different people, so we are working to offer a range of ways for people to get in touch with us. Information will be available in each community that says where the nearest station and mobiles stations are, as well as the time, date and locations of meetings or briefings on our website and through our social media channels.”

Dyfed-Powys Police and Crime Commissioner Christopher Salmon said:

“I’m confident the people of Dyfed-Powys will warmly welcome this initiative by our police force.

“Enhanced access to policing services is a priority of my strategic Police and Crime Plan; the public can now be confident of having clear lines of communication with officers.

“Good access to the police is vital for community confidence. Knowing that officers are there when you need them and being able to contact them in a way that meets your needs offers community reassurance.”