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Kilgetty: 64,000-strong hen farm set for approval

A KILGETTY farm could soon be home to 64,000 hens if plans are approved by Pembrokeshire County Council’s Planning Committee today.
Langdon Farm is already home to 32,000 hens but new plans, submitted by Mr Gareth Curtis and Langdon Enterprises, would see that number double.
The Council’s Planning Officers have given a recommendation of approval but there is a petition, signed by 25,000 people, from the campaign group, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), against the plans.
The campaign group says there is likely to be a negative impact on air quality, produce a strong odour and that it would lead to an increase in HGV traffic.
PETA also states that “Free range” farms such as the proposed extension cause animals immense suffering.
However, the report which has been presented to the Committee states that animal welfare issues are not a material planning consideration.
There is support for the plans from Begelly and Kilgetty Community Council and East Williamston Community Council.
Natural Resources Wales (NRW) has already granted a permit for the new building and says that it will be the subject of regulatory control and that permit conditions will also be applied.
There are also conditions imposed by the council which state that the building must only be used for free-range egg laying hens and that details of external lighting must also be submitted.