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Leap of faith

Skydive: Fr Mansel Usher, Bishop Tom Burns and Fr Liam Bradley geared up!
Skydive: Fr Mansel Usher, Bishop Tom Burns and Fr Liam Bradley geared up!

FR LIAM BRADLEY, the Catholic priest in St David and St Patrick’s Church in Haverfordwest, and a hospital Chaplain at Withybush Hospital, recently joined Fr Mansel Usher (of Mumbles Parish) to perform a sponsored skydive in aid of the ‘Menevia Jubilee Appeal.’ The appeal is hoping to raise funds and awareness by promoting the work of the Catholic Diocese of Menevia, which serves an area stretching from Borth to Margam.

The holy duo arrived on a sunny Saturday morning to ‘Skydive Swansea’ at Swansea airport for their briefings and safety demonstrations, before being flown to 12,000ft above the Gower Peninsula. At that height Fr Liam and Fr Mansel – attached in tandem to their instructors – jumped out for a free fall of just under a minute reaching speeds of 120mph.

Once the parachute was opened they then took a further 5 minutes to float back to Swansea Airport to cheers of local parishioners, lead by Bishop Tom, the bishop of Menevia. Together they have so far raised over £6000 with sponsorship forms being sent to every parish in Menevia. It is hoped that the final figure will be even more. Fr Liam said that one of the most nerve-racking moments were when the plane takes off because you suddenly realise there’s no going back.

Second only to that is the fear of sitting on the edge of the plane with your legs hanging in free air! Fr Mansel said that the experience was exhilarating and the views of the diocese are unbelievable. Both landed gently, with smiles, and said they would both do it again!