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Minister tackles immigration matters on Pembrokeshire visit

immigration mattersIMMIGRATION MINISTER, Mark Harper MP, visited Pembrokeshire last week to discuss the impact of immigration locally and across the UK.

Mark was guest speaker on Friday night at a curry club run by local MP Stephen Crabb and hosted by the Taj Mahal restaurant in Haverfordwest.

The packed event was attended by fifty business people, health professionals and individuals from across the County. The Minister gave a short talk about his role in Government and the challenge of securing UK borders.

During the Question & Answer session, the Minister was asked about tougher visa controls, how to prevent abuse of public services, but also how to ensure that the local economy benefits from skilled foreign labour.

In reply, the Minister said,“As Immigration Minister I have two priorities – reducing net immigration to sustainable levels, to the tens of thousands from the hundreds of thousands under Labour. And making sure the right people are coming to Britain – the brightest and the best coming here to study, to work and to create businesses and jobs.”

Commenting on the visit, Stephen Crabb said, “I was really pleased that Mark was able to come to Pembrokeshire to listen to the views of local people about this important issue and also to enjoy a great local curry. I know that Mark found the visit very helpful and will take on board the points raised.”