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Failed to comply with sentence order

haverfordwest magistratesA PEMBROKE man appeared in Haverfordwest Magistrates Court on Wednesday to face a care of failing to comply with the community requirements of a suspended sentence order.

Benjamin Hilton, aged 21, of Colley Court , pleaded guilty for failing to attend for unpaid work as instructed, failing to provide acceptable evidence for his non-attendance.

Probation officer, Mr Jenkins said: “This is Hilton’s first and only breach. He has completed all of his hours of unpaid work. I know that there are unfair circumstances that affected his attendance, though the order was made in July and he has completed it already. It seems to me that he is a very committed man. He is employed and is currently working full time”.

Magistrates reminded Mr Jenkins: “In terms of a breach of a suspended sentence, you’re looking at jail”. Solicitor, Michael Kelleher reminded the court: “It probably isn’t a record time, but he has completed his hours in a very quick time. He does deserve credit for that”.

Magistrates told Hilton: “You’ve achieved these hours in quick time, which is impressive”.

Hilton was then free to go with no charges and was told by the Chair of the bench: “Please avoid getting into trouble”.