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Prisoner’s criminal damage plea

Llanelli Magistrates Court

A BURRYPORT man pleaded guilty to a charge of criminal damage via video link at Llanelli Magistrates’ Court on Thursday (Mar 12). Jamie Davies, 20, had been sentenced to 32 months imprisonment for drug offences on March 5.

The court heard that on November 14 2014, Eric Walton had heard banging and shouting outside his house. By the time he opened the front door the defendant had left the area. Mr Walton noticed that his front door had been damaged and notified police. Defending Davies, Mr Isaacs said that in relation to the criminal damage charge he had taken the first opportunity to plead guilty.

He added that the defendant had been drunk, and had argued with someone he mistakenly thought lived at the complainant’s address. Mr Isaacs also said that Davies realised that his behaviour had been unacceptable, and that he wished to apologise to the court and to Mr Walton. Magistrates decided to imprison Davies for eight weeks for the offence, which would run concurrently with his present sentence.