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Pupils evacuated from Fenton School, Haverfordwest

fire fentonA FIRE broke out in the roof space of Fenton School Haverfordwest this morning. All pupils were safely evacuated and the Fire Brigade attended. The fire is now out.

However, it has caused some disruption to the normal working of the school. The Headteacher is now requesting that parents of infant school pupils (nursery, reception and classes 1& 2) please pick up their children from the school.

The school is also contacting parents of children attending the Special Unit to check they are at home to receive their children. Transport will be provided to take them home.

Junior pupils will remain in school as normal but parents wishing to collect their children may do so. Parents are advised to check with the 380-pupil school tomorrow morning to check that it is open. Phone 01437 765378.



Following the fire earlier today (Thursday, 14th November), Fenton Community Primary School in Haverfordwest will be open as normal tomorrow (Friday. 15th November) apart from the Nursery and Reception classes (pink and green classes).

Three classrooms are still closed in order to facilitate repairs.

Investigations continue as to the cause of the fire at the 380-pupil school.

Information on the status of the Nursery and Reception classes will be displayed from Sunday afternoon on the Pembrokeshire County Council website.