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Restraining order for Clynderwen local

haverfordwest-magistratesA MAN from Clynderwen appeared in Haverfordwest Magistrates Court on Wednesday to face a charge of assault. Rory Quarrinton Fenge, aged 23 of Blaenwaun pleaded guilty to the charge. Prosecutor, Peter Lloyd said: “The assault occurred on March 1 in Narberth. The complainant was at home with her children and her expartner, Fenge was due to attend and collect them. One of the children had a cut and swelling to his eye and she wished to take him to hospital. She called him to say he needed to go and when he arrived, he disagreed. The victim then said that she would call her father instead and ask him to take her there, when the defendant changed his mind and said yes. The child was put in the car and she went inside to get a few things, and when she came back out the car was running, but Fenge had activated central locking and she couldn’t get in. He reversed to get out of the parking space and went to drive forward, though she stood in front of the car to stop it leaving. He drove towards her and she didn’t move until the car knocked her legs and she kicked the car in frustration. She sat on the bonnet and he drove around 50 yards before she fell off. She received injuries to her left ankle though did not need medical assistance”. Defence solicitor, Matthew Greenish said: “Fenge pleaded guilty at the earliest opportunity. The injuries sustained could have been caused by her kicking the car. It is low level injury and Fenge recognises he could have dealt with matters differently. He also denies that she was on the bonnet”. Magistrates fined Fenge £200 and must pay £100 costs and £20 victim surcharge. A restraining order was also made against Fenge, making it a criminal offence to contact the victim directly or indirectly.