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Street valium charge

33 YEAR-OLD Darren Palethorpe from Gelid Road in Llanelli pleaded guilty to possession of a class B drug, and to possession to a class C drug at Llanelli Magistrates’ Court on March 12. Crow n Prosecutor, Ellie Morgan told the court that a search warrant had been executed at Palethorpe’s address on December 12 2014. In the house, two plastic cases were found.

One of which contained three yellow pills, which were later confirmed to be street valium, a class C drug. The other contained 0.9 grams of cannabis, a class B drug. Palethorpe was arrested for possession at the time. The defendant claimed that he had been at a neighbour’s house, and when he came back, the drugs were there. He also said that he takes valium for his anxiety, but he gets it from the street. Palethorpe was last convicted for Heroin-related charges.

Steve Lloyd, defending Palethorpe, said that the defendant accepted the case in full. Class A drugs had been ruining his life for some time, but the use of such drugs had ceased and Palethorpe has no involvement with them anymore. He has been getting help from a drug service and has been dealing with his problems. Magistrates said that the defendant was moving in the right direction, but he was not quite there yet. Palethorpe was given a two-year-long conditional discharge and was ordered to pay £100 in court costs. Magistrates said that they hoped that the defendant carried on cooperating with the drug service and issued for the drugs to be destroyed.