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Council slammed for failing to grit the Great Orme

RESIDENTS struggling to get up and down the Great Orme in the snow and ice are being let down by Conwy County Council, say angry Llandudno councillors.

Four Llandudno councillors have written to Conwy’s highways chiefs complaining about the state of the roads during the snow yesterday on Tuesday, saying they were not included in the gritting schedule.

Despite the Great Orme having several of Conwy’s steepest roads, the council chose not to grit either Ty Gwyn or Llwynon Road.

Now Conwy county councillors Louise Emery and Harry Saville have signed a letter, together with Llandudno town councillors Greg Robbins and Loren Saville, demanding Conwy includes Great Orme roads on its gritting schedule.

Cllr Emery said: “It is a very dangerous stretch of road (both Ty Gwyn or Llwynon Road) and the steepest road in my ward.

“We appreciate it’s not a main road, but we need a bit of common sense here because the residents need to get to work in the morning, get their kids to school.

“They just could not get down the hill. It was too dangerous.

“There are grit bins, and they are filled with grit, but I really think that Ty Gwyn and Llwynon Road should be part of the gritting schedule.

“We have made this request before, and we will continue to make it until the council add these roads to their gritting schedule.

“There are a lot of roads to grit, and I always appreciate time and budget with everything the council does, but we feel the residents of the Great Orme are being let down by the council.”

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In the letter to Andrew Wilkinson, Conwy’s head of neighbourhood services, the four councillors claimed that omitting the Great Orme from the gritting schedule was “not good enough”.

“Ty Gwyn isn’t the only road like this on the Orme, with Llwynon Road, Tyn y Coed Road, Wyddfyd Road, and St. Beuno’s Road all having steep gradients as well,” the letter reads.

“We all know that gritting on the Great Orme has been raised with Conwy County Borough Council in the past, and the council has explained that grit bins are provided for local residents and that the roads are occasionally gritted by agricultural contractors.

“This provision is simply not good enough.

“The council grits a list of first priority routes, which allow at least one access route to each community throughout Conwy.

“The Great Orme is its own distinct community and is home to hundreds of people, all needing to get to work, take their children to school, do their shopping and access support in the community.”

The letter concludes: “Please take urgent action to make sure our residents can go about their daily lives safely and put in place a plan ensuring that the roads on the Orme are accessible all year round.”

A spokeswoman for Conwy County Council said: “We can confirm that the email from councillors was received this afternoon and the officer will be replying shortly.

“Information about our Priority Gritting Routes, which include main traffic routes, main bus routes, and routes for the emergency services, is available to view on our website here.”