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Hillside alteration sparks outrage in Nantyglo

RESIDENTS of Nantyglo are up in arms as a hillside near playing fields and homes was partially flattened over the Easter weekend, without any apparent planning permission. The move, which involved shifting tonnes of earth, has prompted angry locals to launch a petition.

More than 600 signatures have already been collected against the unauthorised work near Porters Road and Banna Bungalows. Pictures reveal a significant portion of the hillside flattened, with caravans and a digger suddenly appearing on the site.

It has come to light that there’s a covenant dating back to 1996 restricting the land to grazing only, with no construction allowed. Blaenau Gwent Council has acknowledged the issue and is looking into it.

A GoFundMe page supposedly created by those occupying the site cites family needs as the reason for their actions, criticising the council for failing to provide adequate housing. However, this has only added to the frustration of the community.

The petition strongly opposes the development, highlighting its negative impact on residents’ lives, property values, and privacy. Some residents shared their dismay over the rapid and unapproved changes, with massive mounds of earth now looming behind their homes.

Visible evidence of the encroachment includes caravans and machinery on the site, alongside flattened terrain and a steep, muddy verge, raising concerns about landslips.

Tensions have risen since the work began, with some residents feeling intimidated and hesitant to voice their concerns openly. The petition emphasises the community’s determination to protect their property rights and privacy.

In response to mounting concerns, Blaenau Gwent Council has pledged to investigate the issue promptly. The Nantyglo community stands united in demanding accountability and the preservation of their homes and peace of mind.