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Jordan Moray missing: Possible sighting in Stratford gives family hope

A FAMILY who have been searching for their loved one who went missing over 18 months ago, have been given hope by a possible sighting in the Stratford Upon Avon area last September (2020).
Jordan Moray was 33 years-old when he disappeared without a trace in July, 2020. 
The door of his flat was left unsecure and his games console was still running. His mobile phone was left on charge.
Despite a thorough investigation by South Wales Police, and appeals on the national BBC Crimewatch Roadshow programme, his whereabouts remain unknown.
But in January this year, South Wales Police were contacted by a man who claims to have spoken to Jordan in the Stratford Upon Avon area.
He stumbled upon an appeal to find Jordan on the police website and recognised him straight away.
He told officers that the man who he believes was Jordan had told him that he sleeps rough and had been living ‘off the grid’ for 18 months  – also told him that he was from Wales.
Detective Inspector Gareth Davies, said: “We have spoken to the man in Stratford Upon Avon who is quite confident that the person he was speaking to was Jordan. Since he went missing, we have never ruled anything out, and we can’t be certain that it was Jordan himself. But, of course, this potential sighting gives tremendous hope to everybody involved in the search that Jordan is alive and well.
“We, or his family, must be able to see and or speak to Jordan in person to determine that he is okay. I am appealing to Jordan himself, and urge him to make contact, however, I appreciate that if he is living off the grid, then the chances of him seeing this appeal are slim.
“So anybody who thinks they may have seen him should contact us immediately. And anybody who sees him after reading this appeal should urge Jordan to contact his family or the police to confirm he is safe and well,” he added.
In July last year, which marked 12 months since he went missing, Jordan’s mum, Debbie, made an emotional plea for Jordan himself to get in touch. 
DI Gareth Davies said: “Jordan’s mum and his family are desperate for something concrete. They just want to know that he is okay, and want Jordan to know they are not mad for him leaving the way he did.”
South Wales Police continue to make further enquiries with colleagues in Warwickshire Police.
Jordan Moray hasn’t been seen by anybody who knows him since he was reported missing on 2nd August.
Following an initial appeal, police were able to place him in Bro Deg in his village on 24th July, just over a week before.
His disappearance was completely out of character, and it sparked immediate concern among family, friends and police.
A huge search followed which involved specialist search teams and members of the community. It combed local areas, surrounding mountainsides and waterways for clues as to what may have happened to him. The search effort even reached as far as the Brecon Beacons because of his love of the outdoors, especially that part of the world.
Officers have poured over hours and hours of CCTV footage in the hope that cameras have somehow picked Jordan up on his travels, but have found nothing.
Anyone with information should call 101 quoting reference *284205. Alternatively they can contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.