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Traffic order revert road in Neath to 30mph

THE SPEED limit of a road in Neath considered to be a “strategic route” is set to be reverted to 30mph after a review by Neath Port Talbot Council.

The decision to change the speed limit on Park Avenue and Siding Terrace was made at a meeting of the environment, regeneration and streetscene services cabinet on Friday, January 12.

It will now see the Neath road, which was changed to 20mph in September 2023 when the Welsh Government reduced the default national speed limit on restricted roads, reverted to 30mph, after feedback from residents and officers, who felt the new speed limit was causing more congestion in the area.

The report read: “The traffic regulation order is necessary to maintain the existing speed limit of 30mph on sections of Park Avenue and Siding Terrace within the borough, after the Welsh Government had passed legislation to implement a 20mph default speed limit in urban areas nationally throughout Wales in the interest of road safety.

“The council as local highway authority considers that the road is a strategic route with higher volumes of daily traffic compared to urban residential streets and as such does not meet the criteria or the nature of a road or roads with a speed limit of 20mph.

“The council considers that the previous 30mph speed limit is an appropriate speed limit in order to maintain a reasonable traffic flow on a higher traffic volume strategic route.”

Reports from a public consultation held in October 2023 highlighted that some residents were happy with the road remaining at 20mph, however officers responded by saying as the nearby houses were set back from the carriageway and had adequate parking, the location did not give the appearance of a road that should have a speed limit of 20mph.

The decision was passed unanimously by members in attendance at the monthly meeting, and will be implemented after a three day call-in.