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The Best Free Games to Win Real Money

Video games are the cornerstone of modern entertainment. Worldwide, gamers have left their mark on the industry, driving interest in eSports tournaments and streaming platforms like Twitch. In fact, video games have become so mainstream and competitive that the International Olympic Committee put together the Olympic Esports Series before the Tokyo Summer Olympics. 

Though eSports are a long way from being listed on the official Olympic roster of competitions, this move shows just how influential gaming is in 2024. In means that, though gamers were once considered niche hobbyists, they’re now making hefty sums from their exploits and could soon earn medals for their talents. In other words, gaming isn’t just recreational, but also professional. 

Even in Wales, eSports competitions are popping up. For example, Esports Wales helps regulate official matches for games like Rocket League, CS: GO, DOTA 2, and several other popular hits. The same organization also hosts an academy for up-and-coming gaming hopefuls. But what about gamers who want to earn money without officially going pro or launching a Twitch stream?

Thanks to the rise of gaming worldwide, some developers have launched games that allow players to earn real money—without ever paying to download the game. Sounds too good to be true, right? In reality, there are dozens of ways to win real money by playing free games. Let’s dive in and explore what kinds of games can help you earn real money. We’re starting out with classic titles, then moving into more adventurous territory, including crypto titles.

Top 10 Free Games to Win Real Money


Blackjack is one of the world’s most popular casino games—but you can also play for free and still keep your earnings. The easiest way to do this is by shopping around for bonus deals on OddsChecker or similar pages, which aggregate offers from trusted virtual casinos. This makes it easy to figure out which bonus deals offer the best value. 

From there, all that’s left to do is enjoy the game. Compared to other card games like poker, the rules of blackjack (also called 21) are straightforward. On top of that, this game has a lower house edge, which means players are on more equal footing with the dealer. If you’d like to get started, simply look for a virtual guide that breaks down the rules and how probabilities work in the game.  


Solitaire was one of the first card games to ever be digitized—and it’s remained a staple ever since. Whether playing on a PC or straight from your mobile device, solitaire offers the perfect balance of mental gymnastics in an easy-to-play setup. But not many people know you can actually earn real money by playing this game. 

Unlike blackjack, you’ll need to download an app that offers real-money earnings for solitaire players. You have a few different options on the market. One of the most highly-rated games is Solitaire Smash: Real Cash! And Solitaire Cube. Just be sure to read the fine print before signing up so you understand how withdrawals work.


Globally, bingo isn’t always clumped with casino games—however, in Wales, most people are used to heading to the bingo hall in hopes of a big win and to socialize. If you’re okay with sacrificing a bit of your social time, you can stick to virtual bingo games that offer real money payouts for those who win.

As with solitaire, the best way to play free bingo games for real money is to download an app to your mobile device. From there, you’ll have dozens of options to choose from. For example, Blackout Bingo is a popular choice right now, but there are other classics like Bingo Cash, Bingo Tour, and Bingo Win Cash to explore, too.


Just like with blackjack, you may be wondering how a virtual setup works. After all, pool is a game that requires players to think spatially. However, this title has been a go-to for gamers for a while. Today, you can even find free pool games that offer real money winnings—just be sure to play on a device that offers a larger screen for ease of play.

If you want to test your digital pool shark skills, then look for apps like Pool Payday or 8 Ball Strike. The latter places a particular emphasis on real-world physics, which makes it a highly stimulating simulation game—cash earnings aside.


Similar to Solitaire, it’s easy to see why dominoes translate well to the digital screen, especially on apps that offer multiplayer features. But you can do a lot more than unwind with friends using a real money dominoes app. Dominoes Gold is one of the more popular choices for those who want a free download, though Givvy Domino is a new title that’s making waves with players.


So far, we’ve explored games that most people will recognize from the real world. Now, let’s move into more imaginative territory. Though many people enjoy playing word games, these titles aren’t normally labeled ‘competitive’. However, there are a few apps that allow brainy players to flip their puzzling skills into real-money earnings.

For example, Cashyy offers a few different free-to-earn games, including trivia puzzles. Swagbucks takes a more straightforward approach, offering real-time trivia quizzes via its LIVE release. Others, like Word Search and Words to Win, focus more squarely on wordy challenges.


Given the massive success of hits like Bejeweled and Candy Crush Saga, it should come as no surprise that match-three games are a cornerstone of the free-to-earn category. From bubble shooters to gem-matching, these games let you turn your favorite casual titles into potential money-makers. 

Some of the best options on the market are Bubble Cube, Fruit Frenzy, Bubble Cash, and Cookie Cash. The setup in these games should be familiar to those who enjoy match-three challenges. Some titles, like Blockolot, incorporate sudoku-like elements to boost the degree of difficulty.

Game Testing

Now that we’ve covered seven of the most popular games that are part of the play-to-earn category, let’s break down a few other common titles that focus on testing, quizzes, and crypto. Because mobile games are becoming so popular, there are hundreds of developers eager to find casual gamers to test their latest releases.

This is one of the most straightforward ways to earn money by gaming—to simply explore a new title that’s still in beta-testing. Swagbucks, already mentioned above, includes a game-testing section, along with Mode Earn App. Other apps, like AppStation, Money Well, Rewarded Play, and Mistplay, focus more squarely on game testing for emerging titles.


One of the most common ways for people to earn money via free apps is through quizzes. These quizzes aren’t a type of trivia—instead, they’re focused on understanding the market. By simply filling out quizzes and questionaries about your interests and daily life, you’re able to earn real money. Once again, this option might not appeal to those who want to game, but there are enough free-to-earn quiz apps that it bears mentioning. Swagbucks, for example, got its start as a questionnaire app before branching out into other categories.

Crypto Games

Lastly, let’s cover one of the most innovative and cutting-edge types of free-to-earn games: crypto games. Both titles we will explore run on Ethereum, the world’s most-used cryptocurrency. First, we have Axie Infinity, which allows players to raise mini-monsters and battle against others, earning in-game currency that can be cashed out along the way. There’s also The Sandbox, which allows users to generate their own games and explore those created by others. They can also create NFTs and sell them throughout the marketplace, earning in-game currency that can be converted.