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UNISON calls on Welsh government not to make the mistake of the English NHS pay review body

All Health workers in Wales must receive an above inflation pay rise which reflects the devastating impact of the cost-of-living-crisis on NHS staff in Wales, says UNISON.

This would be in line with the Welsh Government’s recommendations in their submission to the Pay Review Body, where is called for this year’s pay round to address the pressing cost of living crisis.

On Tuesday (Jul 19) the NHS Pay Review Body in England has announced NHS workers will receive a consolidated sum of £1,400 which is effectively a 9.3% pay rise for the very lowest paid workers, which is to be welcomed, but would only guarantee a 4% for bands 6 & 7 which mainly affects nurse and midwifery staff.

The Welsh Government is expected to make its own announcement on NHS pay today (20/7/22) and will be meeting with UNISON Cymru/Wales leaders as the union is campaigning for NHS pay to be put right.

In this meeting UNISON will be calling for a NHS Pay Review body plus arrangement for Wales that deals with the cost of living crisis for all health workers.

UNISON has heard from health workers in Wales who have had to re-mortgage their homes just to survive and others who have had to downsize and move home in order to keep a roof over their heads.

Hugh McDyer, head of health for UNISON Cymru/Wales, said: “Only significant and continued investment in the NHS and social care workforce and services will help recruit and retain staff going forward.

“Our members are telling us when winter comes it will be a choice between heat or eat and they are using food banks now to sustain their families as food is now so expensive and their wages have never been able to catch up.”