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Foster carers lauded for lifetime’s service to children and young people throughout Pembrokeshire

Pembrokeshire foster carers Alex Allison and his late wife Dorothy have received a major accolade from county hall this week for their incredible work in helping countless children and young people find their way in life.

A special thank you event was held for Alex Allison, and his late wife Dorothy, who have helped countless children and young people find their way in life by welcoming them into their home.

Mr and Mrs Allison were foster carers in Fishguard for more than 30 years, providing a safe, secure and nurturing home to over a hundred children of all ages, from all walks of life, with many remaining in touch today.

Mr Allison and members of his family, including his nine month old great grandson, were welcomed by Pembrokeshire County Council Chairman Cllr Pat Davies, along with cabinet member for Social Services,Cllr Tessa Hodgson.

Interim Director of Social Services, Darren Mutter, paid tribute to Mr and Mrs Allison, who he has known since his time as a student social worker, recognising that most in the children’s services department will have worked with the family over the years.

“It is impossible to estimate how wide the positive impact of their help for the children they looked after and the generations of children that followed as those children became adults themselves,” he said.

“Alex deserves to be recognised, and to have his and his dearly departed wife’s contribution to Pembrokeshire and its people celebrated. This is a fitting tribute for Dot, as well as symbol of our immense and enduring gratitude for what they have

both contributed to Pembrokeshire over their many years of service.”

Mr Allison said fostering is a team job and the story is in the name carer.

“If you don’t care, you don’t do it,” he added.

He said that he was proud of what he and his wife had achieved, and of all the young people that have been part of their lives.

“At the end of the day, it’s about the children and it’s about their futures,” he added.

As a token of appreciation gifts were presented to Alex, including a rose plant called ‘Super Dorothy’ which Mr Mutter said he hoped would “blossom” like the children the Allisons cared for.

Mr Allison has also championed the rights of foster carers, and as Chairman of the Pembrokeshire Foster Carer Association he is a key link with the team at Pembrokeshire County Council.

More information about foster caring and getting involved in Pembrokeshire can be found online or by calling Foster Wales Pembrokeshire on 01437 774650.

Our picture shows Alex Allison with his daughter Mel Wilmott, along with (from left) Cabinet

Member for Social Services Cllr Tessa Hodgson, Council Chairman Cllr Pat Davies,

Interim Head of Social Services Darren Mutter and Chief Executive Will Bramble.