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Mermaid spotted at Gelliswick beach

THIS week on Gelliswick beach, locals have noticed a fun piece of shell and stone art in the shape of a mermaid.

The mermaid art has been placed on top of the storm drain that leads down onto the beach, opposite the Pembrokeshire Yacht Club, Hakin, Milford Haven.

The creativity hasn’t gone unnoticed and The Pembrokeshire Herald were informed of the art by a local who had been walking on the beach and spotted the design.

He said with a laugh: “There is a mermaid on the beach!.

“Although, it has been made of shells and stones.”

A Herald reporter went to visit the area to capture the creation, as of yet the artist is unknown.

For anyone who wishes to capture a peek at the mer-mazing creation it was still visible as of 2pm Tuesday, February 28.