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Neyland left scratching its head after town council meeting gets cancelled

No meeting this month at Neyland Town Council

Neyland Town Council has left townspeople scratching their heads in bewilderment after April’s monthly meeting was inexplicably cancelled without any notification being made on the official council website.

“No one’s got a clue what’s going on,” commented a local resident who contacted The Pembrokeshire Herald to inform the newspaper of tonight’s cancellation.

“There doesn’t appear to be a meeting taking place tonight and no dates have been released for when the next meeting will take place.  Nothing’s been put on the official town council website and neither has anything been put on Facebook.  How shoddy is that?”

It is understood that the meeting was cancelled by serving mayor, Cllr Mike Harry.

But concern is now mounting over whether this is permitted.

“We’re quite disgusted that the mayor has taken it upon himself to decide to cancel tonight’s meeting without any consultation with the other councillors,” said newly elected councillor Brian Rothero.

“ There are ten elected councillors on Neyland Town Council so surely each and every one of us should have been consulted before the mayor can decide to cancel a meeting.  He doesn’t own the council.”

Cllr Rothero was preparing to attend tonight’s meeting along with two other new councillors who were all elected to the role last month. However they only discovered about the cancellation this weekend through word of mouth.

“This is wholly unacceptable,” added Cllr Rothero.  “The mayor doesn’t have carte blanche over what’s going on.

“Three of us were elected onto the council back in March but none of us have had any correspondence from the council since then.

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 “And it’s very disappointing that our very first meeting together as new councillors has been cancelled.”

The Herald has contacted Neyland Town Council to comment on the cancellation.