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Pembrokeshire motorists enjoy major diesel price tumble thanks to local garage

Kiln Park Gulf remains committed to its customers

A local garage has seen its diesel prices drop by a massive 7p over the last four weeks with the result that Kiln Park Gulf  is being recognised as one of the most competitive fuel suppliers in south Pembrokeshire.

Yesterday morning (Wednesday), their diesel took yet another tumble of 3p, with the result that the current price at the pumps stands at £1.48 a litre.  This compares to £1.54 at the start of February.

“If our suppliers drop the price, then we want to ensure that our customers will see the benefit too,” commented Sean Bell, head of activities Kiln Park Gulf.

“And with the cost of living crisis that is currently affecting everyone, the right thing to do is to pass on any savings we can offer.  My personal fuel bill has risen from around £50 a week to £75, which is a massive hike to have to pay out, on top of everything else.”

But while the price of diesel is benefitting significantly from the fluctuating prices, petrol continues to remain stable.

Sean went on to say that the prices which Kiln Park Gulf are offering their customers depend solely on the prices they are quoted by their suppliers.

“We get our prices in on a Monday morning and these are set by the supplier,” he explained.

” From this, we can then start figuring out what will be the best prices at which we can sell it on to our customers because at the end of the day, these are the people who continue to support us all year round.  So next Monday, March 6, if the prices are dropped by our suppliers, they will also be dropped for our customers.”

This isn’t the first time that Kiln Park Gulf has pulled out all the stops to serve its local community.  Throughout the Covid crisis the garage remained open continuously and also supported the local ambulance service.

“But none of this would have been possible without our wonderful retail team,” added Sean.

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This garage’s commitment to retaining the lowest possible prices is in stark contrast to the principle which is being adopted by many major fuel suppliers who continue to command the highest prices despite an overall decrease.

As a result, an increasing number of motorists are choosing the smaller independent garages for their fuel.

“Even though we’re situated in Tenby, we’ve started noticing that our catchment area is now extending right across to Pembroke Dock,” said Sean.

“Which proves that we must be doing the right thing.”