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Pembrokeshire pub named among UK’s best by National Geographic

A TRADITIONAL pub in Pembrokeshire, affectionately known as ‘Bessie’s’, has been honoured with a prestigious accolade, being named as one of the UK’s best by National Geographic. The renowned publication has compiled a list of the 12 most exemplary pubs across the country, recognising these establishments as the epitome of British pub culture.

The ‘Perfect pubs’ list by National Geographic features a diverse range of establishments from various parts of the UK, including prominent cities like London, Belfast, and Edinburgh. These pubs have been celebrated for their embodiment of the timeless British pub experience.

National Geographic’s criteria for the perfect pub are stringent yet evocative of a bygone era. The ideal pub, according to the publication, is a haven for purists – a place of quiet contemplation and a serene refuge from the modern world. These pubs eschew loud music, flashy screens, and fancy food, favouring instead a simpler, more authentic atmosphere. The essence of such an establishment is to provide a space where patrons can enjoy their drinks without the distractions of modern technology or the overwhelming choice often found in contemporary venues.

The Dyffryn Arms in Cwm Gwaun, near Fishguard, popularly known as ‘Bessie’s’, stood out in this prestigious list, securing the fourth spot. National Geographic lauded this quaint tavern as a “time-warp tavern,” epitomizing perfection. Described as being perched on the picturesque Preseli Hills, the pub is a relic of a bygone era, offering a nostalgic experience reminiscent of old Britain.

The charm of ‘Bessie’s’ lies in its simplicity and its tribute to tradition. With a setup more akin to a cosy living room than a typical pub, it offers a unique experience. Upon ringing a bell, patrons are served Bass beer through a hatch, echoing a simpler time. The pub’s decor includes a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, further accentuating its traditional British character.

The acclaim from National Geographic is not the only recognition ‘Bessie’s’ has received. The pub boasts a high rating on Tripadvisor, with an impressive 4.5 score from 96 reviews, indicating a strong agreement among visitors with National Geographic’s assessment.

The list of the UK’s best pubs by National Geographic includes:

  1. The Bell Inn, Aldworth
  2. The Oxford Bar, Edinburgh
  3. Southampton Arms, North London
  4. The Dyffryn Arms, Cwm Gwaun
  5. Ypres Inn, Rye
  6. Pride of Spitalfields, East London
  7. Basketmakers, Brighton
  8. The Blisland Inn, Cornwall
  9. The Magnet, Stockport
  10. Birch Hall Inn, North Yorkshire
  11. Queens Head, Cambridgeshire
  12. Sunflower, Belfast

This recognition is not just a tribute to the Dyffryn Arms but a celebration of the enduring charm and cultural significance of traditional British pubs.