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Tenby caravan site clears out as Storm Ciarán arrives

PEMBROKESHIRE’S Kiln Park caravan site has been urgently evacuated amid severe flooding, triggered by the ferocious arrival of Storm Ciarán. Forecasters are bracing for a tumultuous blend of torrential rain and gales, which have put the coastal region on high alert.

In a prompt response to the escalating crisis, Natural Resources Wales (NRW) has signalled that the inundation at Kiln Park poses a dire threat, prompting a site-wide clearout. The Met Office has cast a broad net of yellow warnings, indicating severe weather conditions that are expected to pummel south, mid, and north Wales imminently.

Vehement gusts that could reach an alarming 70mph (110km/h) are anticipated to wreak havoc, with potential to disrupt travel, cause structural damage, and hurl debris unpredictably. Regions within Storm Ciarán’s path might be drenched with up to 100mm (3.9in) of rainfall.

The flood warning system is blaring for the River Ritec in Tenby, including alerts for multiple locations vulnerable to Storm Ciarán’s wrath. NRW has warned that impending high tides are likely to escalate the peril to life and inflict significant community upheaval.

Holiday-goers at Kiln Park have been swept up in the urgency. Kirk Merrick, 63, with family in tow, shared his disappointment, having anticipated the getaway for months, only to face evacuation. Equally disheartened are the newly-weds, Katie and Stephen Walters, along with their children, who confronted the reality of their celebration cut short by a rap on their caravan door.

In a statement, Kiln Park’s managing entity, Haven, emphasised that the safety of guests took precedence, with ongoing consultations with local authorities to facilitate a smooth evacuation.

With an overcast forecast spanning the entirety of Wales, residents are bracing for a deluge and violent winds. Ceredigion council has proactively doubled its emergency road services, while Pembrokeshire council is mitigating risks by advising against routine practices like placing bins out, recommending retention until the storm subsides.

Councils across the region are not standing idle; Powys council, for instance, is distributing sandbags and fortifying flood defences, ensuring preparedness at known flood-prone sites.

Travel and Safety Advisories

Transport for Wales has announced a suspension of rail services on the Heart of Wales and Conwy Valley lines due to the anticipated adverse conditions. Maritime operations, including coastguard activities in Holyhead and Milford Haven, report normalcy but remain vigilant.

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Chris Cousens, from RNLI Wales, has issued a stern warning against the allure of coastal storm-watching, advising the public to refrain from such activities due to the danger of the imminent severe weather.

As Wales battens down the hatches in the face of Storm Ciarán, authorities and communities are urged to remain informed, cautious, and above all, safe.