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Protests escalate at Sradey Park Hotel: 17 now arrested in total

demonstration on June 4 about the use of Stradey Park Hotel for asylum seekers

THE STRADEY PARK HOTEL in Llanelli has been at the heart of mounting tensions as 17 individuals have been taken into custody concerning the ongoing protest at the venue.

A notable surge in arrests was observed last week, largely, polcie said, attributed to a concerning uptick in aggressive behaviour from a section of protestors between 14 and 16 August. This escalated to significant property damage to both the hotel’s structure and its expansive grounds.

During a community partnership event hosted last evening, locals were briefed about the police’s unyielding efforts to safeguard the public’s right to peaceful protest. At the same time, they strive to ensure the hotel owners’ right to access their property and the overarching safety of the larger community.

Superintendent Ross Evans, who oversees operations in Carmarthenshire, commented on the situation: “Our officers and I are not mere law enforcers; we are a part of the Furnace community. The recent weeks have undoubtedly been taxing for all those associated with the region.”

The Superintendent continued, emphasising the force’s commitment, “We fully understand both the residents’ and protestors’ apprehensions. Our mission is to facilitate peaceful protest, but certain individuals have taken liberties. Unlawful activities will not be tolerated. The residents of Carmarthenshire rely on their local police force to guarantee their safety, and we will unwaveringly deliver on that promise.”

From July’s commencement, a total of 21 arrests pertaining to 17 individuals have been made concerning the protest. Most of the apprehended individuals face bail conditions that prohibit them from entering the vicinity of the hotel or, in some cases, even Llanelli or Wales.

The probe into the unruly conduct observed last week, culminating in substantial damages to the hotel, remains underway. The authorities expect more individuals to be apprehended concerning these events.

In a related development on 18 August, Mr Emmanuel Agius, 37, from Llys Y Morwr, Llanelli, was convicted for possessing three knives and cannabis. He was handed a 16-week suspended sentence along with a curfew mandate.

A specialist investigative team has been mobilised in response, with their primary task being the examination of a large amount of video evidence.

The police urge anyone with potentially valuable information to come forward. Tips can be submitted in various ways, the details of which were shared at the event.