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Wales “leading the way” with animal trap ban

Today, Wales has achieved the distinction of being the first UK nation to enforce a ban on snares and glue traps, marking a historic moment celebrated as a significant win for wildlife protection.

Snares, wire nooses that constrict their prey, are commonly utilized by gamekeepers in the shooting industry to capture animals on properties where non-native pheasants and partridges are released in substantial quantities for shooting.

In January 2021, a YouGov poll in Wales revealed that 78 percent of the Welsh public supported the prohibition of snares.

Shahinoor Alom, public affairs officer in Wales at animal welfare charity the League Against Cruel Sports, said: “We are delighted to be able to celebrate the banning of snares in Wales today, and the end of our six-year campaign.

“The ban shows the Welsh Government’s commitment to strong animal welfare standards, reflects the views of the Welsh public and is a fantastic result for wildlife in Wales.

“Wales is leading the way in reducing the cruelty and suffering that animals face and paving the way for similar bans on snares in both Scotland and England, with the Scottish Parliament set to debate the issue this autumn.”

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