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20,000 homes without drinking water


A WATER MAIN that burst on Tuesday (Feb 9) affected 20,000 homes in Carmarthenshire, and has left them without running drinking water.

Engineers have worked throughout the night on the burst water main to bring the amount of homes down to 1700 Wednesday morning. The water main runs from Trap and provides drinking water to communities across Carmarthenshire.

A statement given by Welsh Water explained: “We are managing to maintain water supplies through tankering but drinking water supply is currently being affected to some households in Trap, Llandybie, Cross Hands, Tumble, Gorslas, Pen-y-groes and Carmel.”

“Those customers with special needs or mothers with young babies who are affected by this interruption are also being supplied with bottled water and any requests can be made on 0800 052 0130.”

When the water main has been fixed, and the supply of water is back to normal, there may be some temporary discolouration in their water.  Welsh Water are urging the public not to worry, as this is normal in a situation like this and water will continue to run clear when run from a cold tap.

Welsh Water are hoping that water supplies will be restored later this evening.

“If anyone has concerns about their water supply, we would ask they call our helpline on 0800 052 0130.