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‘Curious’ burglar fined £358

courtA MAN from Johnston appeared in Haverfordwest Magistrates Court on Wednesday to face a charge of entering as a trespasser into a dwelling with intent to steal. Sean Gamble, aged 45, of Hillcroft, pleaded guilty to this charge on the basis that he did not break in and entered the building in curiosity, though did not steal anything.

Prosecutor, Nicholas Newton said: “The property is situated in Johnston and is up for sale with John Francis. There were no tenants in the building at the time of the offence, though there were people viewing it throughout 2013. During a viewing, it was noticed the conservatory door had been forced and a boiler was missing. A police investigation took place and a cigarette butt was found on the kitchen floor. It was seized and the DNA on the cigarette matched that of Sean Gamble.

“Gamble knew the property as he knew the tenants who had lived there previously. He also knew that the property was unoccupied and had gone into the property out of curiosity. He saw that the door had been forced by another person, had looked around and left. There is no evidence to say he was the person breaking entry or the person who stole the boiler.

“He accepts he was a trespasser, and while he was there there was an intention to steal and is guilty for that. He does have previous convictions, though none relating to theft”.

Defence solicitor, Jonathan Webb said: “This is a case of curiosity killed the cat. He knew the property and knew it was empty. Gamble had been out walking, and the reason he looked inside was he wondered if he could steal something. There wasn’t anything that interested him, so he didn’t. He entered as a trespasser with intent to steal. It was an unforced entry and no theft”.

Magistrates proceeded to fine Gamble a total of £358.