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Grants scandal deepens

county hallA DOCUMENT seen by The Pembrokeshire Herald signals a further twist to the long-running saga concerning the County Council’s administration of European grant money in Pembroke Dock.

The document concerned appears to suggest that the Council is using European money paid to private property developers to manipulate data on the availability of affordable housing.

Officers responsible for the grant scheme acknowledged in an internal document that the Council’s involvement was partially a pretext to enable it to meet its obligations to provide affordable social housing in Pembroke Dock. The scheme was the subject of angry exchanges at last week’s meeting of the Full Council, at which IPPG Cabinet members vigorously defended the scheme against allegations that it had paid over the odds for work done under the scheme.

The conduct of Cllr Pugh, has resulted in an apology being tendered by him in relation to allegations made by Cllr Pugh about Cllr Stoddart’s good faith in questioning the grants scheme.