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Huge increase in recycling thanks to residents

RESIDENTS in Carmarthenshire are being thanked for their efforts to recycle after figures show huge increases in the amount of food waste being recycled.

A total of 370 tonnes of food waste – the equivalent weight of 52 elephants – has been recycled in the first month following the reduction in the number of black bags households can put out for collection.

That is a staggering 25 per cent increase in food waste recycling.

Blue bag recycling has also risen by 10 per cent or 90 tonnes (the same weight as a small car) compared to the same period the previous year.

This means that by recycling more, less rubbish is going to landfill. The number of black bags collected in the first month since the three bag limit was introduced has reduced by 100 tonnes compared to the same period last year – that is the equivalent weight of a Boeing 757!

The council’s Executive Board Member for Environment Cllr Hazel Evans said: “We want to say a big thank you to residents for recycling their household waste. We are absolutely delighted with these figures, particularly the increase in food waste recycling.

“Since September we have given out more than 13,000 food bins and these figures show that residents are using them. No amount is too small, even if it is just a few tea bags as food waste in landfill creates methane, a greenhouse gas 23 times more deadly than carbon dioxide.

“We are already seeing a difference in the amount of rubbish going to landfill here in Carmarthenshire. It just goes to show that with a little effort we can make a big difference.”

Deliveries of blue bags and food waste liners are continuing across the county. Households receive three rolls of food bin liners for their brown kitchen caddies along with three rolls of blue bags.

Residents can find out when their blue bags and food bin liners are due to be delivered by visiting the delivery tracker on the council’s website. Simply type in your postcode and it will tell you your month of delivery. It will also state if the delivery has already taken place.

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Replacement food bins can be collected from your nearest Hwb; they are also available at the council offices in Llandeilo, or you can order them online.

Cllr Evans added: “We are not collecting less waste from households, we are just asking residents to please recycle more and put their recyclables, rubbish and food waste into the right bag / bin.”

The council is currently recycling around 62% of its rubbish but needs to achieve a figure of 64% by the end of the financial year or it faces a hefty fine from Welsh Government.

Further information can be found on carmarthenshire.gov.wales/recycling

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Thank you for recycling from Cyngor Sir Gâr | Carms Council on Vimeo.