ENVIRONMENTAL education should be part of the national curriculum says real life mermaid.

Our oceans are in a state of global crisis, and our seas currently absorb over a third of the UK’s carbon emissions. In order to tackle climate change, we have to act now, understand our environment, but also our consequences. 

Over 70% of our world is water, there is no doubt we are a blue planet. At least half of Earth’s oxygen comes from the ocean, and we are now starting to understand the impact of our plastic habits of the last century. Every day approximately 8 million pieces of plastic pollution find their way into our oceans – we’re slowly suffocating our own life source. We have to act now.

Professional mermaid, Hannah Pearl has written and created a children’s picture book entitled ‘Ruby Rockpool & The Garbage Patch King’ to raise awareness of the plight of our oceans with the younger generation, and what we can do to help our future leaders understand their responsibility in saving our already damaged planet. 

Hannah Pearl comments: “We have to act now – environmental education should be part of the national curriculum for children in schools. What we witnessed during the first lockdown across the entire world was healthier looking oceans, and animals resurfacing and flourishing in their environment. We as human beings are completely destroying the planet, and environmental education should be an essential lesson for all children to truly understand the damage that has, and potentially could happen to our planet”. 

‘It’s never has been more important to teach the next generation about the amazing world underneath the dancing waves, and the impact of humans, something we were never aware of in my time at school, back in the nineties. 

By teaching children more about this incredible side of our planet, with its diverse vibrant habits and marine life, we’re both expanding their minds and teaching them to become more conscious humans; conscious of human impact on our planet, being a more conscious consumer using less plastic, reusing, rebuilding and reducing.”

The book, aimed at children 3 – 6 years old features marine warrior mermaid ‘Ruby Rockpool’, who lives in Teignmouth bay, Devon. Ruby is on a mission to help save our oceans and protect marine life.

The story invites young readers to journey with Ruby and her friends as they travel across the oceans on a quest to defeat the Garbage Patch King whose plastic pollution is big trouble for our blue planet. The book is filled with ‘shell facts’ about marine life, as well as a serious message about marine conservation from the deep.

Having sent the book to Sir David Attenborough, Hannah has received a personal note from the King of Conservation, wishing the book to be a great success in spreading the message of conservation. This has only inspired Hannah more, as she now urges parents to teach their children about recyclable materials whilst home-schooling, but is also calling for the national curriculum to make environmental studies an essential topic moving forwards. 

Hannah commented: “It’s been a really difficult time for us mermaids, and we’ve not been able to do any entertaining children as a mermaid. So I sat and reflected on my passions, and saving our planet, particularly our oceans is a top priority right now.

Ruby Rockpool is factual, educational but also fun for children. The importance of teaching young children about our environment, recyclable materials and how to treat the planet is more valuable than ever before. I wanted my fictional mermaid to be inspiring, motivating and loveable so that children can appreciate her and the important tale she tells, but also to encourage the education system to consider the future of our planet with our future leaders”. 

The ‘mermazing’ book is raising vital funds for two great marine conservation charities in the UK, with £2 donated from every book, split equally between Marine Conservation Society and Sea Shepherd UK.

Rob Read, Chief Operations Officer for Sea Shepherd UK commented. “Written by Sea Shepherd UK’s favourite Mermaid – Hannah Pearl –  ‘Ruby Rockpool and the Garbage Patch King’ is a fun and colourful book with ocean conservation at it’s heart educating young readers/Mermaids about the issue of Marine Debris while inspiring lifestyle changes and care for the ocean to the benefit of marine wildlife worldwide”

The book is available to purchase at www.rubyrockpool.com for £9.95 plus postage and packaging.