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Row over CCTV in school toilets

cctvinschoolTHE DECISION to put closed circuit television cameras in the toilets of Queen Elizabeth High School has sparked controversy among parents.

According to senior school staff, the cameras are not yet operational, and will be pointed at sinks, rather than toilet cubicles.

However, the news has met a mixed response, with some parents welcoming the move, while others feel it infringes on children’s privacy. Parent Guy Martin said: There are probably only a handful of wrong-doers, and I feel that everyone is being punished.’ Another parent, commenting on social media, described the cameras as ‘an excellent idea.’ ‘If it keeps kids safe, what’s the problem?’ she added.

A spokesperson from Queen Elizabeth High School said that the consulting process involved before the cameras were fitted represented ‘student democracy in action.’

‘The democratically elected student council have constructed a practical solution to a key concern raised by students as a whole.’

Reassuring parents that the cameras will not be made operational until after further consultation, she also said: ‘there will be a series of assemblies this week when the student council will present the reasons for the cameras, their involvement, and the privacy arrangements. The cameras will not go live until that has happened.’