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Sea front damage effect on trade

effected tradeAMROTH businesses hit by the closure of the storm-damaged main road have been telling their MP about the effect on trade.

A large section of the road on the seafront was completely destroyed by the storms ten days ago.

To travel from the New Inn at one end of Amroth seafront to the Smugglers at the other is now a 20-mile trip via Red Roses.

Kath Williams of the New Inn invited Mr Hart to take a look at the damage and asked him to lobby for a temporary road to be installed urgently.

“It’s affecting everyone here,” said Mrs Williams. “We are open daytime weekends and a lot of people are coming to see the damage. But it’s very hard because we just don’t know when the road will reopen.”

Mr Hart also visited Telpyn Shooting Ground and Lisa’s Diner further along the coast.

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“It’s not just businesses right by the road closure that are being hit by this diversion but those all along this section of coast,” said Mr Hart.

He has contacted Pembrokeshire County Council to stress how important it is that a temporary road is put in place as soon as possible.

“I have been told that the council is working to reopen the road on a temporary basis and that hopefully this will happen this week which is great news.

“I think that long term it is much harder to say when the road will be fully restored because it is a major engineering work but the main thing is to get traffic and trade flowing again as soon as possible.

“The main thing is to make sure everyone knows that Amroth is still very much open for business.”