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Neath Port Talbot South Wales

£500 grant for Skewen residents affected by flooding

RESIDENTS in Skewen who have been affected by recent flooding will be getting a £500 grant from the Coal Authority.

A burst mineshaft forced around 80 people out of their homes but the Coal Authority has said they are doing all that it can to support those affected.

As a result of the flooding, a new access road has been built from Goshen Park which has allowed the majority of families back to their homes.

Extra services have been provided by the authority to help with the clean up and once this is done, work will start on the reinstatement of the gardens.

Lisa Pinney, Chief Executive at the Coal Authority, said: “Every home flooded, from any cause, is a tragedy. Our sympathy remains with all those affected by this incident.

“Our focus continues to be on listening to residents and providing practical support wherever possible, and working with partners such as Neath Port Talbot Council, to help those affected move forwards and recover their homes from the flood.

“Whilst not liable for the flooding we do recognise the impacts of the incident on the community and are doing all we are able to provide practical help and support.

“We have engaged with residents on site, through online residents’ meetings and through our dedicated residents support line on 0800 288 4268 to hear their feedback. To help them access the support that is available and answer their questions, we are employing a local community liaison officer, who will be based on site for part of the week.

“We also provide weekly residents’ updates and work with Neath Port Talbot Council to provide information through their dedicated residents’ webpage at https://www.npt.gov.uk/skewen.

“We have built a new temporary access road at Goshen Park, which has allowed the majority of families access back to their homes to live, or to progress the recovery work that will enable them to move back in time. We will now begin the permanent remediation works to repair the mineshaft and build a permanent solution for the mine water.

“Clean-up work is progressing well and we have provided extra services, such as private drain clearance and cleansing, at the request of residents. Once this is complete, we will start work to support the reinstatement of gardens.

“We will provide up to £500 of material (plus VAT) and a reasonable amount of labour for each property affected by flooding.

“The Coal Authority is continuing to do all that it is able to do to support residents, aid the recovery of flooded homes and to put a permanent mine water management scheme in place to provide peace of mind.”