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Newport man jailed for e-bike theft

A NEWPORT man who ambushed a cyclist and stole his e-bike has received a sentence of 10 months in prison.
Christopher Stock, received a 10-month sentence after appeared at Cardiff Crown Court on Tuesday 18 May and pleading guilty to theft.
Christopher Stock, 30, formerly of Hatherleigh, appeared at Cardiff Crown Court on Tuesday 18 May.
Stock pleaded guilty to one count of theft, in relation to an incident which took place in Duffryn, Newport on Saturday 29 August last year.
DC Georgia Dunne, the officer in the case, said:
“Christopher Stock committed this offence when he knew police were looking for him in relation to another.
“The victim was cycling home from his friend’s house on his electric bike, when Stock stepped out of a dark lane into the path of the victim which caused him to stop.
“Stock shoved the victim off his bike and then stole the bike, leaving the victim fearful for his safety.
“Luckily the victim was not injured from this incident but unfortunately he suffered a financial loss.
“Stock denied this offence in interview and continued to deny committing this offence right up until a few days before trial.
“We welcome the sentence provided by the courts and hope that Stock uses this time to reflect on his actions.
“I also hope that this provides some reassurance to the public that Stock will serve this sentence on top of the 22-month sentence that he was recently given for other offences.”
Stock was sentenced to 10 months in prison, which he will serve on top of his previous sentence of 22 months for assaulting occasioning actual bodily harm and perverting the course of justice.