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Repeated vandalism at disused school in Bettws has left in ‘dangerous’ condition

Millbrook Primary School in Bettws, Newport (Pic: Google)

INTRUDERS at a “dangerous” vacant school site in Bettws are risking injury and even prosecution, Newport City Council has warned.

Millbrook Primary School is currently closed because safety inspectors found structural issues in one of the buildings, with pupils shuttled daily to temporary classrooms two miles away.

The city council said it had installed “various security measures” to “deter” anyone trying to access the school site, which is currently closed to the public.

But Millbrook Primary has been “repeatedly vandalised” over the course of the past few months, and is now in a condition where it is “considered dangerous”.

Anyone trespassing on the site is risking “serious injury” and could also face criminal proceedings if they are caught, the council warned.

Millbrook Primary’s pupils and staff went from welcoming Camilla, then Duchess of Cornwall, in July 2022 to having their school closed down just weeks later, after “potential issues” were discovered by building inspectors.

The move to temporary classrooms at an adult training centre in Brynglas was meant to be “temporary” but earlier this summer the headteacher confirmed to parents their children would be taught there for another academic year.

The move to the training centre has proved controversial among some parents who complained previously about transport arrangements and the facilities provided there.

Reports of vandalism are a persistent problem at the vacant Millbrook Primary site and Newport City Council has now urged Bettws residents living nearby to share its warnings about the dangers of entering the site illegally.