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Man with 8-inch blade tried to flee from police in Llanelli

A MAN who was wanted for breaching a court order was found with an eight-inch blade when stopped by police.

Dyfed-Powys Police officers were on patrol in Station Road, Llanelli, at just before 10am on Friday, July 2 when they spotted Jonathan Levi Edwards sitting on a bike.

Knowing the 21-year-old was wanted on suspicion of breaching a community order, the officers turned their car around and pulled in to speak to him.

Sergeant Gareth Oliver, of Llanelli Response Team, said: “While one of the officers checked the police national computer for further information about Levi, his colleague noticed he appeared agitated.
“He asked Levi if he had anything in his possession that he shouldn’t, to which he said no.
“At that point, it was confirmed that he was indeed wanted, but as officers arrested him he jumped off the bike and tried to run away.
“He was quickly tackled to the ground and restrained before he could flee.”

The suspect was put in handcuffs and searched, with officers finding a knife with an eight-inch blade wrapped in cloth, tucked into his underwear and concealed under his jacket.

He claimed to have found the knife up the road, and said he had picked it up to ‘put it out of the way’.
Edwards was further arrested – and later charged with – possessing a blade in a public place.

Enquiries led officers to be told Edwards ‘carries the knife for protection’ but that he claimed he wouldn’t use it.

Levi Edwards appeared at Llanelli Magistrates’ Court on Thursday, July 8, where he was sentenced to 18 weeks in prison for the charge of possessing a blade in public.

The charge of breaching a community order was withdrawn.

Sgt Oliver said: “This was an excellent piece of reactive work by the officers involved.
“It is very concerning that Levi was in possession of such a large kitchen knife in public, especially considering that research shows those who carry weapons as a means of protection are more likely to have them used against them should they run into trouble.
“The officers’ hunch that he was acting in an agitated manner, as well as their swift action in detaining him when he tried to flee, ensured this knife was taken off the streets and can be disposed of.”

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