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Hit and run leaves mum and baby in hospital

Three hospitalised - including a young baby - after hit and run in Penlan

A HIT and run has left three passengers of a car needing hospital treatment – including a mother and a young baby.

The incident happened at approximately 6.42pm on Tuesday evening at Mynydd Newydd common in Swansea.

The 19-year-old driver of the vehicle, who was trapped following the collision, is said to have screamed at the passengers of the other car to stay and help.

The two passengers of the other vehicle ignored her pleas for help and ran away from the scene.

The driver of the vehicle Jordanna Barnett, her friend Courtney and son Theo were travelling back home after having lunch in town.

The baby has been left with a bleed on the brain and unable to move one half of its body according to the child’s grandmother, Sarah Barnard.

She said: “We’d been out in town with Courtney’s friend Jordanna Barnett. I’d come home early as I thought I had to work, although it turned out I Didn’t, and the girls stayed in town to have something to eat.

“They were coming up from town from Treboeth towards Penlan.

“After they were hit, Jordanna was screaming out the windows at the boys from the other car that there was a baby in the car, and they needed help, but they just ran away.

“Jordanna, who is 19, needed to be cut out of the car, and Courtney had to have her head glued and nearly bit her tongue in half. Baby Theo has got a bleed on the brain and no movement on one side – he’s not able to move his right arm or leg. We are waiting on an MRI scan today to see what it is.

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“I feel guilty for coming home early. Otherwise they would not have travelled the route they did.”

A spokesperson for the Welsh Ambulance Service said they were called to the incident just before 6.42pm. They said: “We responded with two ambulances and three patienrs were transported to Morriston Hospital.”

South Wales Police are appealing for witnesses to the collision.

The car which hit Jordanna is thought to have been stolen.