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Johnny Depp “dumbfounded” by visit to Dylan Thomas’ birthplace in Swansea

JOHNNY DEPP, the renowned Hollywood star, expressed his astonishment after paying a visit to the birthplace of the legendary poet Dylan Thomas in Swansea. Depp, who was in Swansea for a performance with his band Hollywood Vampires at the Swansea Arena, took the opportunity to explore the significant location.

In an interview with Nation Cymru, Depp shared his thoughts on the experience, stating, “During this visit you get to see where all of his thoughts came from, it’s a lot to take in.” The actor further expressed his excitement, saying, “I’m still floating a little, having been in the room where Under Milk Wood began.”

Dylan Thomas’ birthplace, located in Uplands, Swansea, underwent restoration in 2005 to reflect its appearance during the time when Thomas resided there. The house, previously utilized as a student bedsit, was transformed to its original state. Thomas, a prominent figure in Welsh literature, was born in the front room of this house in 1914. He is renowned for his poetic works, short stories, and plays, notably including Under Milk Wood.

Custodians of Dylan Thomas’ birthplace took to Facebook, expressing their admiration for Depp’s visit. They noted that Depp was “amazed that so much important Welsh writing” had been created in such a modest bedroom. During the tour, the house’s owner, Geoff Haden, showed Depp a restored window that overlooked Swansea Bay. This particular view had served as Thomas’ inspiration for the phrase “ships sailing across rooftops.”

Depp revealed his long-standing appreciation for Dylan Thomas’ literary contributions, tracing back to his childhood. He credited his older brother for introducing him to Portrait of an Artist as a Young Dog, a collection of Thomas’ short stories. Reflecting on Thomas’ poetry, Depp remarked, “And then of course all the poetry, all of the stuff that just takes your head apart.”

Before bidding farewell, Depp left a heartfelt message in the visitors’ book, stating, “All respect always, Johnny.” His visit to Dylan Thomas’ birthplace showcased his admiration for the Welsh writer and the profound impact of Thomas’ works on his own artistic journey.