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Modellers paint Sunderland

modellers paintSUNDERLAND T9044 is returning to duty after nearly 75 years.

Penfro Model Club members have recreated an iconic piece of aviation history through their latest project for the Pembroke Dock Sunderland Trust.

They have transformed a 12ft wingspan scale model of a Sunderland flying boat to look like T9044, the aircraft which sank in a gale off Pembroke Dock in November 1940.

Two Pegasus engines and many other parts recovered from T9044 are now displayed at Pembroke Dockís Flying Boat Centre in the Royal Dockyard.

The ‘new’ T9044 will become a centrepiece among displays planned for the Dockyard Chapel where the Sunderland Trust intends to set up its heritage centre in 2014.

Many of the Penfro Model Group are also members of the Sunderland Trustís Volunteer crew.

Penfro member Derek Lawrence said: It has been a real team effort to research the paint scheme and markings and then paint the camouflage pattern on the model. When donated to Pembroke Dock several years ago the model was painted blue and white. Now it is in authentic brown, green and silver colours as worn by T9044 in 1940.

Derek has personally made a new front turret out of tiny pieces of plywood – one of several modifications to the original model.

And excellent detective work by another Trust Volunteer, Aled Lewis, has finally identified the individual code letter of T9044. When RAF roundels and codes are applied in the New Year the ‘new’ T9044 will carry the DA code of 210 Squadron and the individual letter ‘F’ for Freddie.

*Penfro Model Club meets every third Wednesday of the month in Pembroke. For further information contact 01646 680270 www.penfromodelclub.co.uk